Moonlight Hunter EA MT4 Great Results FOR FTMO Passing! – Download!

1 Minute to understand Moonlight Hunter

  • It used to be the most profitable night robot in the MQL market,.
  • In September 2022, there will be a huge loss. I have great doubts about this robot. I am very depressed. The product was once off the shelf, and I intend to give it up.
  • However, when I was at my lowest point, many customers who had already bought did not give up and still supported me, which gave me great encouragement.
  • After unremitting efforts, I finally achieved that the new version V2.0 is outstanding in risk resistance, and it can cope with various market environments.
  • The firm offer signal will restart operation from 2020.10.24 and be released on the first day.
  • ——-
  • Support large lot split.
  • One-chart installation .
  • It has a risk coordination mechanism between multiple symbols. When you run multiple symbols, you can still keep only one risk.
  • It has a fully automatic trading mode, which will automatically identify the best trading symbols.
  • It can run on most brokers around the world.
  • It has passed the five-year continuous back test of every tick of MT5, and still maintained excellent and stable results in 20 trading symbols.
  • Its live signal performance is completely consistent with the back test results!

Recommend :FAT model will be select the best symbols automaticlly.

Timeframe:Any Timeframe



  • EA needs lower transaction costs and sufficient liquidity,  Please contact me and i will give the best broker to you.
  • It is best to use windows VPS, which can run continuously and stably without interfering with EA and clients.

EA Setting

  • Full Auto Trade – automatically matches the best currency pairs every month, no need to manually set.
  • Symbols Prefix – Set Symbols prefix
  • Symbols Surfix – Set Symbols surfix
  • Symbols list – a list of symbols separated by commas, to be traded. If it remains empty, the current chart symbol will be run. If your broker uses a suffix, you need to include the suffix!
  • Max symbols at a time –  the maximum number of currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously.
  • Lot-sizing Method – Fixed lot/Auto lot – based on balance/Miexed lot –  lots calculated according to the balance, when the balance decreases, the number of hands does not decrease/Bet lot – double lots after a loss of a trade (not recommended).
  • Fixed Lot – fixed trading lot,when using Auto lot, keep the number of fixed lot at 0.01
  • Auto lot(balance based) – the automatic lot used for each balance base. If you fill in 50 , it will use 0.01 lot per $50
  • Filter –  When the market is intense, filter, 1 for strict filtering, 2 for the recommendation level
  • Maximum slippage, in points – maximum allowable slippage
  • Maximum drawdown percentage  – if the current exceeds the specified percentage retracement float, EA will close open positions – 1 means 100%

Time Setting

  • GMT selection – select the GMT offset of the current server location, only work in backtest
  • Trading on Friday

Other Setting

  • Order Comment – comment on order.
  • MagicNumber – unique EA instance number ,When multiple EA are running together, they will be distinguished by this parameter value.



  • Archibald Crist
    January 21, 2023

    exxcelent robot! just use some good broker which doesnt widen spread during quiet session

  • January 21, 2023

    steady income on demo for 4 weeks!

  • January 21, 2023

    straight forward ea! simple and effective

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  • October 11, 2023

    ive seen good results

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