Exploring the FTMO Free Trial: What You Need to Know

June 10, 2024| ne9et56
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Exploring the FTMO Free Trial: What You Need to Know



Welcome to the world of Forex trading, where financial wizards and beginners alike find grounds to test their prowess. Here, we dissect the FTMO Free Trial for the larger benefit of new entrants and seasoned vets. We’re about to dive deep into the FTMO Free Trial – A topic that’s gaining traction within the Forex community. Now, whether you’re a newbie or a tenured trader, you will find this guide helpful in knowing what to expect on the FTMO platform.

What is FTMO?

FTMO is a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with handling funds. They spot talented Forex traders, groom them, and give them the funds to trade. To screen the best, they have a challenging process where you trade a demo account under specific trading parameters.

An overview of the FTMO Free Trial

Just as the name suggests, this refers to a free trial offering of the FTMO Challenge – a unique trading program designed by the team at FTMO to help aspiring Forex traders step into the bright lights of the financial world.

The FTMO Challenge

At the crux of the FTMO platform lies the FTMO Challenge. This Challenge, as the name suggests, is a Forex trading competition where traders get a chance to showcase their skills and earn the opportunity to trade for the FTMO.

Why Opt for the FTMO Free Trial

Although you need to pay to take part in a real FTMO Challenge, the company offers a free trial version. Under this offer, you use a demo account to test your skills risk-free and familiarize yourself with FTMO’s trading parameters before risking any capital.

How the FTMO Free Trial Works

The FTMO Free Trial is structured similarly to the real challenge, albeit with smaller account sizes. In this trial, you won’t face real monetary losses, or potential profits. The trial challenge spans 14 calendar days and provides a 100,000 virtual USD account with a maximum loss limit of 10% and a profit objective of 10%.

Benefits of the FTMO Free Trial

Participating in the FTMO Free Trial has multiple benefits:

  • Risk-free trading experience
  • Familiarity with trading rules
  • Understanding of FTMO’s objectives
  • Improved trading strategies

How to Win the FTMO Free Trial

The good news is if you meet the objective within 14 days, you can apply for another free trial and improve your strategies. However, winning the free trial doesn’t guarantee a spot in the funded program. You need to pass the paid FTMO Challenge for that.

Is the FTMO Free Trial Worth Your Time?

As a prospective trader, the time you spend in the free trial equates to an investment in your Forex trading education. Through this trial, you can gain a clearer understanding of Forex trading, mitigate your initial risks, and cultivate successful trading strategies.

FTMO Free Trial Versus FTMO Challenge

Compared to the free trial, the FTMO Challenge has more extensive objectives in terms of profits, maximum loss, and trading days. Hence, the free trial acts as a stepping stone.


The FTMO Free Trial presents an excellent opportunity for Forex traders looking to understand the platform’s trading conditions without risking real capital. A potential springboard into the world of Forex trading, the Free Trial is fully optimized to sharpen your trading strategies, boost your confidence, and prepare you for the lucrative world of Forex trades.

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