Trade Angel Top EA MT4 – Awesome Profits! Stable ROI – Download

TradeAngel logic works on our own proprietary indicators called angel factor/period (you will see this in inputs).  Trade Angel Works in 3 time charts at same time: 15M, 30M and 1 hour.

Operates by monitoring the movement & volatility of the DAX40 during market hours only, once it detects a strong move it will latch onto the momentum and open a trade at the start of the next bar, (on the 15 min bar on 15 min chart, start of 30 min bar on 30M chart and same for 1 hour).


– Trade Angel uses hard stop loss and take profit of 40 – 50 points. (Indices use points, not pips)

– Opens trades from Dax open (9am Frankfurt) until 8pm Frankfurt time.

– Maximum of 3 trades at any one time (1 per chart), no high amount of orders to monitor

– Dax40 is a very low cost instrument to trade with most brokers quoting 0.5 – 1.0 spread with small/no commissions.

– No holding onto long term losing trades

TradeAngel for MT4 is a fully automated,100% hands free trading system, expert advisor.

TradeAngel uses a recovery function on the NEXT trade that will increase the trade size x2 after loss for 5 levels max, however user has option to disable this feature by setting the input increaselotafterloss = false.

You are not BOUND to use recovery function, we prefer to as it does what it says, it recovers the prior loss trade quicker, smoothing the equity curve.

Using a recovery factor after loss is very different to martingale. Do not get the 2 confused and this table compares the huge differences.

Control Function Typical Martingale TradeAngel Recovery Factor
Stop loss and Take Profit Open ended loss, never uses stop loss on trades Always use Stop Loss on EVERY trade
Levels Infinity, keeps adding on Top of trades until ruin or profit Limited to 5 Levels of increases
Lot increase step Gets exponentially high after 5 or 6 levels until ruin or margin call Stops increasing after 5 levels, easy to assess the “largest” lot
Equity Curve Spectacularly linear curve until it cliff edge drop. Clearly shows some loss days/weeks but will not cliff edge account
Number of Max Positions at Same Time Unlimited, impossible to say, has no control on max trades 1 Trade Per chart Max at one time.

You will need setfiles to make backtest, contact me for those.

I suggest backtest on MT5, you will get 99% model quality.

I do not advise to setup without pro help, I will explain why as there a few things that can wrong.

1. TradeAngel uses trading window from 9am Frankfurt time to 8pm, this is preset in settings as GMT+2 broker (GMT+3 in SUMMER) (1000 to 2100). If your broker is not GMT+2, it will run in wrong times and you need to adjust accordingly.

2. Lot sizes & Margin- Again, it can be very tricky, some brokers uses 1.0 lot as €1 per point, in other broker 1.0 can be €25 per point (1 Dax Futures contract). Also, Margin requirements can be very high for DAX in some brokers, check it out!

With these in mind, USE A DEMO ACCOUNT if in doubt!!

This is a premium product with a premium price, for this I will personally help and guide you install and set-up properly after purchase.

Contact me on MQL chat after purchase as you will need required set files to run EA.

*Bonus EA* InfinityXO is locked to 5 max trading accounts. (they are interchangeable)

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