Title: The Rise of Bespoke Proprietary Trading Firms: What Makes Them Unique? In the world of Forex trading, bespoke proprietary trading firms have been steadily gaining traction. These firms offer a unique approach to trading that sets them apart from traditional brokers. But what exactly makes them so unique, and why are they on the rise? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the rise of bespoke proprietary trading firms and explore what sets them apart. What are Bespoke Proprietary Trading Firms? Bespoke proprietary trading firms are financial firms that trade with their own capital, rather than executing trades on behalf of clients. These firms are often made up of a small group of traders who have access to the firm’s proprietary trading strategies and technology. Unlike traditional brokerage firms, which earn commissions from client trades, bespoke proprietary trading firms generate their profits by trading their own capital…    read more